Trustee Investments

Trustee Investment Advice Service

Since the introduction of The Trustee Act 2000, trustees now have specific responsibilities concerning the servicing and administration of trust funds. The duty of care applies to both professional and lay trustees, however higher standards are expected from professional trustees.

Given the range of responsibilities that fall on trustees’ shoulders, access to independent financial advice is key. We are able to support trustees with a range of issues:

  • A statutory duty of care applies to the trustee investments that are held. We can advise trustees on the suitability of investments to be held when taking into account the trust’s objectives.
  • Trustees have a duty to protect the value of the trust fund, whilst providing income for the beneficiaries. We help trustees to consider the suitability of the trustee investments held, the necessary funding, the type of trust arrangement and the requirements of the beneficiaries to ensure this duty is carried out effectively.
  • Trusts will have different aims – to provide Capital Growth, Income or a combination of both. We can recommend a diversified portfolio of assets to meet the trust’s specific objectives. This approach can help to reduce the risks of the trustee investment by investing across various asset classes. It is important to take into account risk and any specific requirements from the trustees. This could also include the need to invest in an ethical or sociably responsible manner.
  • Trustees have an administrative duty to review the assets held within the trust on a regular basis. This can be a time-consuming and lengthy process, especially if the trust administrators are not experienced investors, however this is an area in which we have vast experience and can provide sound advice and support.

If you are looking for advice on trustee investments please contact us.

If you are considering a trustee investment it is important to remember that the value of the investment and the income generated could fall as well as rise. There is no guarantee you will get back the amount you invested.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate trust advice.