Pension Reviews

Pension Review

We offer free, independent, no obligation pension reviews

The Sequence Pension Review Service will help you on your way to achieving the income and lifestyle you desire at retirement. You have made a positive start by having a pension BUT improper management of your pension may result in a much lower income in retirement.

“The best performing pension could produce more than three times more pension income than the worst performing one. The really bad news is that your pension fund is more likely to be amongst the bad than the good“ The Observer

We provide free, independent, no obligation review and recommendation reports specific to you, your circumstances and needs. You can then best assess your options and consider the implications before making any decisions.

Why Review Your Existing Pensions?

Often clients have a selection of pensions with different companies or from previous employers which they either don’t understand or are generally disappointed with their performance. This is understandable as pension legislation is often complicated and many pensions:

  • Perform poorly
  • Have high charges
  • Are not regularly reviewed
  • Are inadequate

The Sequence Pension Review Service gives you an overview of your existing pensions, provides projections to retirement and a detailed review of their performance, charges and flexibility.

We will also arrange for you to be provided with a State Pension Forecast. When added to your other retirement plans we can then accurately project what benefits you can expect to receive in retirement including any tax free cash.

The size of your final pension fund will determine how much income you have at retirement. Excessive charges, poor performance or a delay in addressing contribution shortfall will have a dramatic impact on your fund.

Remember, this service is free and there is no obligation to proceed on any recommendation a review may suggest.

What’s included in the Pension Review?

We will write to your pension provider(s) and will obtain all of the available information about your existing pension arrangements, including details of the charges and investment performance. This information along with any special scheme benefits, rules and conditions will be compared to what is currently available within today’s independent pension market place. From this we will produce a comprehensive and easy to understand report which will include:

  • The value of each pension
  • Analysis of the performance of your current pensions and the charges imposed on them
  • A pension transfer analysis highlighting any potential benefits/drawbacks of transferring your pension to another provider
  • A projection of what your pension is likely to be at retirement including a State Pension Forecast
  • If your pension is not going to meet your goals, we will calculate any potential shortfall and what you will need to contribute in order to achieve your goals
  • A calculation of how much tax free cash you might be able to access either now or at retirement

If we recommend moving your pension(s) to a new provider and you accept our advice, we will then produce a more detailed review and recommendation report, taking into account the scheme information and your personal views, concerns, attitudes and aspirations.

How Do We Get Paid?

If the advice and recommendations made are that your pension(s) should stay where it is then there is no charge. If the advice and recommendations are to move your funds and you do not take the advice there is no charge. If the advice and recommendations are to move your funds and you accept the advice you will be given a choice of payment options.

You are under NO OBLIGATION to follow the advice or recommendations.

To arrange a free, independent, no obligation pension review please call +44 (0)345 643 2633 or email us at